If you send professional as well as personal emails, tracking email opens and clicks could be very useful for you. Knowing whether someone opened your email, when they opened, their devices and location etc. may help you for better outreach. Here are some of the the ways you can use this information.

To Do Better Followups - If you know that someone opened your email at a particular time, you can do a follow-up immediately to get better response. This is very useful when you are doing sales, business development, recruitment, job search and in many other professions. Studies have shown that if you reach your prospect at a time she is going through your content, you can get much higher response rate.

To Know Highly Interested Prospects - If you see your recipient is opening your email multiple times and clicking on multiple links in your email, they are more interested. So you can tailor your follow-up email accordingly and can get better response.

To Improve Subject Line or Offer More Value - If your emails are not getting opened, that may mean the subject line is not generating enough interest. You may need to work upon your subject or offer better value, so that they can engage with you.

Depending on what you do, email open and click tracking may be very useful or even essential for you.
But the challenge here is most of the email providers don’t track this information. For this you have to use a email Tracking tool like MailerPlex. MailerPlex is a simple Chrome extension for Gmail. Using MailerPlex, you can get detailed insight into the emails that you are sending.

How to use use MailerPlex to Track Email Opens and Clicks

  1. Get MailerPlex extension from Chrome Store.
  2. Sign up using the email Id that you want to use for tracking.
  3. Go to Gmail and start tracking your email.

Get MailerPlex MailTrack Extension